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Audio / Video

& Conference
Elite Computer Networks is your one stop supplier for professional Audio / Video & Conference rooms. We utilize the same equipment that you will find in the most luxurious properties, venues and homes.


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Managed IT

We specialize in helping businesses maintain their networked devices! We work pro-actively to minimize downtime, and we act quickly to implement new solutions or solve difficult technology issues.
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Security Cameras

& Alarm Systems
We can outfit your business or home with the latest in 24/7/365 monitored alarm systems and HI Definition cameras! Have the security you need at your fingertips by controlling it all from your phone!
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Our Services

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  • Flat-Rate IT Support
    We have plans that fit any company any size.  Our main goal is to eliminate any downtime due to network or device issues.  We are your IT Department but at a fraction of the cost.
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
    We have backup solutions that allow time-crucial data to be accessed when it is needed.  We also have the ability to recover data in case a disaster occurs.
  • Web Filtering & Firewall
    We have firewalls that help businesses restrict outgoing connections so employees can focus on their designated tasks.  The firewall also restricts incoming connections to assure your data is safe.
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  • Digital Signage
    Ever wanted a menu of services or products that dynamically changes and catches a customer's attention?  Digital Signage does just that!  Get a customizable display to attract customers and relay common information for your business in a vibrant manner.
  • Web Design
    A website is a company's resume for the WWW.  It is a chance to show consumers and clients just what your company can provide and how you will provide that.  It's a digital card made for a company or individual.
  • Microsoft Office 365
    Office 365 offers the full power of a traditional Exchange Server but accessible anywhere with an internet connection.  With technology growing fast, mobile access is needed in order to stay on top of important tasks and jobs.
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